Burden Lake

Burden Lake is actually a series of 3 lakes in the town of Sand Lake.

“Sand Lake is a town in Rensselaer County, New York. As of the 2010 census, the town had a population of 10,135. The town is in the south-central part of the county. Sand Lake is east of Albany, New York. The town was formed in 1812.

Custom art by local artist Mike Hayes of a home on Burden Lake
Custom art by local artist Mike Hayes of a home on Burden Lake

One of the principal characteristics of the town is its numerous small lakes, in which fish of nearly all kinds inhabiting still fresh water abound, and the number of summer guests in all parts of the town is constantly increasing. Crystal Lake is near the center of the town, and is the largest body of water lying entirely within the limits of the town. Burden Lake and Crooked Lake are in the southern part, the former lying partly in the town of Nassau. Glass Lake is between Crystal Lake and Crooked Lake. Big Bowman and Little Bowman ponds are close together in the eastern part, and Reichard Pond is in the northwestern part near Averill Park. The Wynants Kill and the Tsatsawassa are the principal streams. The former rises in Crooked Lake and flows through Glass Lake and Burden Lake into the Hudson River at North Greenbush. It also drains Reichard Pond. The latter drains the eastern part of the town and flows southerly into Nassau. The Wynants Kill furnishes one of the finest water powers in eastern New York.

The first permanent settlements in Sand Lake were made in its western part, probably in 1765 or 1766. The earliest inhabitants located in the western part of the town. They were sturdy Dutch farmers who had come from the Netherlands a few years after the settlement of Albany, or who had first located further down the valley of the Hudson. In 1767 there were but two families, as far as is known, residing within the limits of the town.” Information gathered from Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sand_Lake,_New_York)

More information is available at the Sand Lake Historical Society website.

Burden Lake Candles is currently located on Second Dyke Road. We make all of our products in our farmhouse kitchen. We live in one of the original farmhouses in the area – Clay’s Farmhouse. We live a few hundred feet away from Kay’s Pizza which is an area landmark.

It is a great place to live and beautiful all year round.

A friend of mine was lucky enough to find postcards of the area in an antique store – and she shared this one with me. Our house is in there, the barn across the street (which we do not own) and Kay’s (which was the Burden Lake Hotel) is also there.

Here is a drone video of the area today: