Friday Freebie – Averill Park is our “Home Sweet Home”

Sign up now to receive a free high-res printable for personal use. This week’s printable is a collage of an older Averill Park newspaper advertising section with the words HOME SWEET HOME over top of it. I do not know the date of the paper (or even what paper it is!) because someone sent it to me. However phone numbers were listed as Nassau 8-2178. I tried to google when this could be and I found this info –

“In the most areas of North America, telephone numbers in metropolitan communities consisted of a combination of digits and letters, starting in the 1920s until the 1960s. Letters were translated to dialed digits, a mapping that was displayed directly on the telephone dial.” (

As long as you do not sell the items you make with it I do not mind!By the picture of the woman being honored by the Sand Lake Republicans (she is meeting Governor Nelson Rockefeller – who was Governor from 1959-1973) I would guess this was in the early 60s.

There are many well known stores represented here including Bubie and Sons Groceries of Poestenkill and Tremont’s Lumber of Averill Park. There is also mention of the Kiwanis, Averill Park Methodist Church, Dunham Hollow (a Square Dance!), Crooked Lake House, and Hoag’s Corners Fire Ladies Aux. And then stores I do not know – Gifford’s of Glass Lake, Averill Park Market and Variety Store, Tiny House, Park Restaurant, Lake Pharmacy and more.

I had this image printed on some mini flags that will be available this month on site and in person. I have some other vintage AP newspapers that I will be incorporating into some art this year as well.



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