Friday Freebie – Christmas Edition!

Made this with Liam (8 year old). Thought other people might be interested too. This can be designed as you see fit – we used one of our 16 ounce smooth side candle jars but any smooth sided container should work. If your container is wider than ours just print several and tape them together.

What you will get in download is black and white image of hand drawn building silhouettes with windows and doors, trees and snowy hills.


  1. Print image and put inside container
  2. Use sharpie to trace over black parts
  3. We cut a cardboard circle that fits bottom and added a tree with a wire base on it. We stuck base through the cardboard, bent the wire and taped it down.
  4. We added a plastic Penguin that was part of a set at Dollar Tree – they were on springs and I have no idea why. We ripped off the spring.
  5. Poured some faux snow in.
  6. Added battery operated LED tea light – put velcro on lid to hold it and switched it on (try not to cover the switch with the velcro)

Little snow scene for a shelf!


Step 1
Step 2
Step 2
Step 3
Step 3
Step 4 and 5
Step 6
Step 6
Final product!

Click on the image for a full sized, high-res version.