Gardening in the Northeast USA

You really can’t be a wimp and want to have beautiful flower beds in this area. Our growing time is so condensed and Mother Nature and her friends (ie weather patterns and deer) really make it that much more difficult at times. I let our beds go last year when we took trees down and now I am paying for it.

The positive note is we have a ton of free mulch in the wood chips from the trees.

I also have these stumps. I bought Drew some Gnomes and doors and windows to attach to them. I have some roof fantasies that will need to be added to the 2018 Honey Do list. At the Cape Vincent French Fesival I purchased a fun cement mushroom with glow in the dark spots to add to the Gnome garden. Been trying to clear paths for the Gnomes to walk on to visit their friends. I am probably a little too into this.

This garden is the worst. Really overrun with weeds and highly visible. ¬†So bear with me as I go. I am transplanting a bunch of plants from the other beds to this one because we are tearing a deck down. I would like to save some of the plants because they are transplanted from other places … for example the roses are from my parent’s house in Gardiner and the peonies are from Drew’s grandmother’s cottage on Tibbett’s Point in Cape Vincent. So it is slow going as I can only work here and there if the weather agrees!

One more peek as the garden how it looks now! Will update when it is much more beautiful!