Local Beeswax

Community is a very important thing to us which is one of the reasons we chose a house in a beautiful small town. Our company started as a way to get to know those like-minded people in our area. Together, with a couple of small business owners, we started with The Averill Park Market. The Averill Park Market was just some hardworking small town people putting up tents in a field to show-off their amazing talent. We were able to meet a lot of great people and learn a lot of story’s from our town. It was only natural for us to seek out one of the bee keepers that we met back then when we decided to use beeswax for our beard products. The call was great it went something like this, “Bill, this is Drew White do you remember me?”


“Drew White, I met you at the Averill Park Markets.”


“Holli Boyd-White’s Husband.”

“OHhh, how’s Holli doing, she is such a great woman.”

Yes she is a great woman, and a lot easier to remember than I am.

However, when I went to pick up the beeswax it became a long conversation with Bill, his wife and I. It tested my 13 year old daughters patience so she started honking the horn. This ended a nice conversation with a promise to help Bill with his bees so I could learn more about these great creatures.

A few weeks went by and I thought Bill forgot about me and was worried that I would never learn how to be a beekeeper. Then an email early Sunday morning asking if I could come over to help rotate the hives… What in the world is rotating the hives? I still do not know…

It was one of the most amazing moments in my life. I can now understand what being a caretaker to this great land that God created for us means. I wish I could explain in words what I felt as I watched the little dance of these bees taking turns coming out of the hives and going back in with yellow pollen after visiting the local flowers. The calming buzz of the girls talking to each other as we checked out the new brood. I even got a little agitated my self as I popped a box down a little to hard and realized I was ruining their concentration. Bill’s girls really have me hooked. I can not wait until I am able to help again! Thanks Honey Bee Meadow Farm for the amazing experience! This is why we choose Local businesses for our products ingredients!