Meet Ricky Rosie!

Drew and I have decided to expand our family with a 1967 Serro Scotty Gaucho. We have been looking for one of these for years (really any canned ham but I particularly like the Scotties). We found this one on eBay and it was only 20 minutes away. Pretty much made for us! We were able to see it with our own eyes – as soon as we pulled in I squealed ‘IT IS SO CUTE!” and Drew knew it was over.

Over all (for being a 50 year old) she is in a good shape. By the way, Liam (7) came up with Ricky and Jackie (age 15) came up with Rosie (which is my sister’s name). I figured in the future we can get another and call her Lucy Rosie. Drew is not so sure about this.

She was kept in a garage and we found out the hard way that she has a roof leak. Looks like just 1 but upon further inspection we discovered a bit of water damage. Nothing horrifying Р I was not kidding when I said she really is in great shape!

The roof needed to be scraped of all of the loose material and resealed. I am off to reseal her this afternoon because we are going to have a few dry days.

Liam loves the camper – he has been hanging out in in and watching movies on the Roku. If it is warm enough he will probably get to sleep in it this weekend! Don’t tell him!

Here are some pictures of the inside.

Update May 16: Purchased way too little of the roof repair product. Luckily we found some at Walmart – we purchased it at Amazon as price was best but oh well. I have the whole thing draped off and good weather! I need to do a few good coats. Here is how it looks so far!

Eventually we are hoping to use her at farmers’ markets – if nothing else she will hold all of our stuff and help the van still be usable as a people carrier.