Mini Flags

My friend Nicky of LPB Designs has the coolest stuff – including these mini garden flags. She contacts me one day and says “what can you do with these??”. So I ran with the challenge (after I said “hold my wine.”).

I created several designs (that are also available as canvases) and sent them to her. She printed them on the flags and we were in business. However the mini flags have one side sewn shut in order for the flags to hang on holders outside. I imagined them more of a wall decoration indoors. I inherited a ton of wood from my father-in-law Gary and it was in the barn. I found some dowels and the lightbulb above my head lit.  But I needed to cut the dowels.

Enter our friend Damien – one of the best problem solvers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. This is the same Damien who introduced us to the Hamilton soundtrack that we are obsessed with. Highly recommend it if you are a history geek such as myself – or you just like hearing good and easily sung hip hop that even has my 8 year old singing along. Some cuss words (Liam is smart enough to skip these words) but I am sure during the Revolution a few unslightly words were spoken at times so it makes sense. We visited the Schuyler Mansion in Albany with Damien during his last visit (he lives and works near West Point). Think these coal buckets in the picture on the left are really neat – this one was at the Schuyler Mansion in Albany. Going to try to make a few for the market.

So during Damien’s last visit I showed him what I wanted to do. He came up with a cutting board for me. The board hooks on the side of the table so it does not move around when I use it (therefore I can walk around with all 10 fingers still attached when I finish). I measured the flags and cut the dowels, sanded the ends. Then I opened the end of each flag with a knife and inserted a dowel and then tied it with twine.

I really like them. They are lightweight and slightly opaque so whatever color your wall is will show through slightly. They measure (without twine hanging piece) 7.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall.