A few weeks ago Liam came home from school and asked if we could celebrate Hanukkah. AND for those following along that solved the HAN? on my calendar mystery. I told him we could and I picked 2 dates that might work for our family after I said we would not do it all 8 days but one night (see the point above). Jenyka was concerned that it was not ok to do that since we are not Jewish. I also felt a bit hesitant. I also had no idea what to eat to keep it traditional. So I purchased some frozen potato pancakes (latkes – and actually a traditional food served at my grandmother’s table as she was Czech). But I still did not know what else to do – besides dreidel and eat foil covered chocolate and tell the story. Yesterday Jackie and I were at Crossgates and there were 2 young Orthodox men handing out dreidels and information about Hanukkah. I could not have been more excited! I am sure they were a little scared of my enthusiasm. Anyway they said eat donuts! And they gave us a book of traditions. After we left the mall we went to Michael’s and purchased a Hanukkah gingerbread house to decorate and a Hanukkah donut kit to make. So this Wednesday we will be celebrating a mini Hanukkah at our house. If you celebrate, even for a day, Happy Hanukkah to you!