New Farmhouse Canvases

We live in a farmhouse and I am a big fan of farmhouse style. To me that is simple living – white walls and furniture (in the process of doing that in all my spare time LOL), plants, not a lot of clutter and imperfection – chippy paint, vintage paper, old wood. Now that we are moving the business to the spare bedroom!! I can get back to finishing up the kitchen. Now, Drew does not want to just put another coat of paint on the cabinets (7 years ago we painted them a sage green and I spray painted the handles a flat black [they were brass]) but replace them all together.

I don’t know if you know about my kitchen but let me fill you in.

We live in this room 95% of the time.

It is big and it is old. And a little weird.

The main door of the house from our driveway is the kitchen door. We had a new door put in a few years ago because the old one never wanted to close and lock properly. The room opens to a tile floor and has a big bay window to the right and a mud room to the left. The mudroom is a certifiable disaster. Hundreds of pairs of shoes, jackets, sports equipment, those 31 bags that keep food cold and hold beach towels perfectly, fishing stuff, holiday stuff (plastic pumpkins and Easter baskets), extra smoke detectors, helmets that no longer fit, some Pampered Chef stoneware that I keep forgetting to sell, a few boxes of inherited wine glasses – you get the picture right? Kids all have baskets but they are a jumble of stuff – dirty socks and old school binders and shoes from all seasons. If someone is looking for something the first thing I say is “did you check your basket?”

The bay window is scratched up from the dog and I am not bothering to fix it because he will just do it again. Under that is the heat registers that are beat to poop and have the fins out and about – these things are little knives on the bottom of the feet. I want to put a wood cover on them with a tin front. I may just do it myself this fall. I am sick of the pain.

Did you want to know about the canvases? Have you read this far? Thank you.

We have a large farmhouse dining table that was handmade and a gift from my in-laws (one set). It has a long bench on one end and 4 antique chairs on the other. There are 2 larger chairs on each end. This is by far our nicest piece of furniture.

In the center of the room we have an island that I made from an old buffet. The top is not level and balls will roll off (we have an abundance of lacrosse balls in the house and I have a plastic tub on the island to corral them). I just put one of the kitchen stools in the garden to hold a planter (which is actually a rusty chicken waterer) because it was falling apart and had been fixed 2 times before. I regret tiling the top because the grout is always nasty.

We purchased new countertops, a deep stainless sink (I have major farmhouse sink envy) and new appliances when I redid the cabinets.

So … I want to paint them again and get a new island with new stools. And add some faux barn beams to the ceiling to cover some old water damage and put some faux tiles on the ceiling to jazz it up and fix some weird imperfections from a ceiling that does not match up because the kitchen was extended. Drew is not interested so stay tuned.

So back to the canvases. These need a few more days to cure and then I will have them in shows and on site. They are 8 x 10 and fun!! They are:

  • A black and white vintage images of Holstein cows
  • The Lord’s Prayer music with Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart on top
  • A 1777 New York map with counties listed INCLUDING the Six Nations of the Native Americans who lived here
  • A vintage ad about the presentation of a 3000 lb cheese
  • A recipe from the New York public library of Tomato and Cow Hoof soup with Let’s Site Down and Eat on top
  • A vintage ledger page with a faux ad for the Rensselaer County Fairgrounds Livestock Show from 1915

I hope you like them!