New Labels are in Town.

I normally print all of our labels at home but then my Epson Workforce decided to stop working properly and caused me great anguish. After running 673 head cleaning cycles and buying Epson ink (we tried to cheap out and get non-Epson brand ink) I gave up and called support. Well looky here – registering it actually worked out because it was still under warranty and they sent me a brand spanking new one with brand spanking new ink. AND a return label for my old one.

In the meantime we were label-less. Who knows if that needs a hyphen – it looks weird without and I am too lazy to research. You get the point.

Matte labels on the left – glossy labels on the right. BIG Difference!

Drew found a great local company that printed us a poopton of labels on a lovely glossy stock with the color baked in. Why is this particularly cool? Because my old matte labels were not doing it for us for the beard products. The oils in the products were absorbed right into the stock and made the text look blurred and the background oily. No bueno.

Love it when a plan comes together.