Ricky Rosie Roof – I Think She Will Hold!

Three coats of rubber roof later … I like it. I finished with a brushed texture effect to hide some of the imperfections. We were not able to get all of the old roof off without damaging the sheet metal underneath and there are bumps. Found Turtle Wax will clean up the chrome nicely on the windows and bumper. Need to clean and paint skin and trim, take off heater vent and seal and add a few screws and I will be happy with outside.

For the interior Drew and I are bouncing a lot of ideas off of each other. It comes down to money and time. RR is really one of those projects where you start and can go on forever and never use. The lauan on the ceiling has some water damage and is slightly bowed. Do I remove and replace or just try to cover? I have been thinking about using a wallpaper that looks like vintage tin ceiling pieces and is prepasted and scrubbable. I want to try to use this in my kitchen as well so maybe trying it out in the camper would be a good idea?

Prepasted and scrubbable vintage tin ceiling look wall paper for ceiling of camper?

We have some demo to do inside to take out the furnace and remove the water/propane lines. We need to update the electric. I am having Adirondack Upcycled (https://www.facebook.com/AdirondackUpcycled/) make me a new counter top to replace the counter with the sink and stove top in it. The doors of the kitchenette need to come off and everything needs to be cleaned and painted. The dinette table is in great shape and I just need to figure out what I want to do with her. I am leaning towards leaving her the bright blue and just painting her leg white.

I want to keep it “little camper that could live by the lake in upstate NY” so I am covering the outside turquoise with black and painting some of the trim black. Inside I want to do white and grey and have color provided by bedding and dinette covers. I am using some flannel sheets and pillow cases in a red and black plaid for these items. I purchased a dozen white with red trim tea towels at IKEA last week and I am going to use these to make curtains. I am going to make curtain rods with some plastic pipes from a laundry sorter that is no longer being used. There is really no support in the walls so anything hanging needs to be super light weight.

As far as the floor – there is so little of it. I am back and forth between vinyl peel and stick tiles (I probably have enough around the house from other projects to do this) or indoor/outdoor carpet that is cut to size but I could take out and hose down and clean. If I did the rug I would still need to figure out what to do with the vertical pieces of floor area. Paint? Wallpaper? Tiles?