Some new products!

Been working on a few new products – and they bring in my love for rubber stamps. Once upon a time I owned a rubber stamp and scrapbooking company called Leave Memories. It was a great ride and I made friends who I still have to this day. We did trade shows all over the nation and even wrote a small book with projects! We were featured in many of the big magazines (Better Homes and Gardens Papercrafts types) and sold our items to stores around the world. It was fun – but expensive. Fast forward a few years and my life turned upside down. I went through a divorce, became a single mom and started working several waitressing jobs to help pay the rent. I sold the company to another company and my timing was right because, with the downturn of the economy, papercrafting became a luxury for some. Many scrapbooking stores closed and the smaller ones were absorbed into the bigger chain stores (think Michael’s and Hobby Lobby).

But I still love my stamps.

I found a company online that will create custom stamps from your designs at a reasonable cost – (decent domain name, no?). ¬†So not only have a I created rubber stamps for the Burden Lake Market logos (I stamp all of Drew’s beard brush muslin bags) I created some stamps for my imaginary companies. I done lost my mind some days.

Two I recently received and started inking up right away is the B.L. Market crate stamp (with number 9570 [my birth date] on it). I had a bunch of mini crates that I painted and distressed. I stamped these last night and Drew realized they are perfect for his beard products – so look for them soon as a kit!

The second is the company White & Co Feed & Seed – we used to have chickens (we fed the local eagle, hawk and fox population nicely). We will soon have chickens and ducks and goats and pigs (if I let Drew run wild) once again. Seriously probably only chickens and ducks because who do you think will be caring for the livestock??

Anyway I had these birchwood wood pieces forever that I painted a dull aged wood grey. I stamped and embossed them and added some brush marker highlights to the hen. I am thinking of attaching some twine to hang and some clips on the front for a mini picture/recipe card holder?? They are very light and very cute.

I am sure you will see these designs on other things in the future!

Have a great 4th of July by the way!